Data Mining

You probably collect large amounts of data. This is likely to contain information that you can use to make decisions, but this information is often well-hidden.

Data mining helps you discover knowledge in this data, using statistical techniques to analyse this and visualisations to enable you to understand it.

There are many techniques to mine data. We can work with you to understand what you have and establish the techniques that are most likely to be effective. We may be able to use an existing algorithm or develop customised algorithms tailored to your needs. We can then think how you will use it and present the results so they are used in the right way.

Example - Clustering Algorithm

Big Brain Intelligence has developed data mining algorithms using C# and ASP.NET. These include a novel method to cluster data based on the significance of relationships between classifiers have on outcomes. For example, you may use it to create clusters of shares whose prices respond in similar ways to external events. You might then pick one share from each cluster in your portfolio to reduce your investment risk by ensuring it is diverse.

Big Brain Intelligence is specialized in Data Mining