Product Development Process

Rapid Results

We want to make things happen for you so you can quickly see our work in production.

The word "Agile" divides those in software development. We can use an agile approach, where we anticipate changes will occur and plan to allow these to occur with minimal risk, a plan driven approach where risk is minimised by extensive planning in advance, or more usually some sort of combination of the two tailored to your requirements, the degree you wish to be involved in the process and your attitude to risk. We are experienced in the various techniques that can be applied to make "Agile" or "Plan-Driven" work such as Scrum, Kanban, XP and TDD.

Flexible Approach

Sometimes development work is best done in the UK (usually where requirements are complex and can only effectively be communicated by face to face contact), but at other times it is more cost-effective to develop overseas but manage and review development from the UK. We have adopted different approaches with different clients and consulted on the various options.

Big Brain Intelligence is software development company based in Peterborough Unighted Kingdom offers fast results and flexible approach