Big Brain Intelligence

Big Brain Intelligence Ltd was established in 2010 to offer development and consultancy services specialising in the following areas:

  • Application Development. We have developed projects using ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms and Windows Client Applications.
  • Business Intelligence. We have developed systems using technologies including SQL Server Analysis Services to help clients convert the data they hold into information they can use to make decisions.
  • Data Science and Big Data. We have developed novel algorithms using database technologies like Cassandra, Hadoop and MongoDB to efficiently process large amounts of data and understand its meaning.
  • Data Mining. We have developed systems that allow clients to discover knowledge in databases using advanced statistical techniques.
  • Integration with Devices. We have developed applications that integrate with hardware devices using technologies such as C running on Linux.
  • Development Approach. We have used various agile and plan-driven development approaches and consulted with clients on the relative merits of these where they wished to outsource development or had fixed budgets.

Our senior employees and directors have many years experience applying these technologies in a variety of industry sectors including pharmaceuticals and banking, and working with people of all levels of technical ability.

Big Brain Intelligence is software development company based in Peterborough Unighted Kingdom